Top 5 bowlers to reach the fastest 100 wickets mark in test matches

Test cricket matches are quite tedious and boring. The test matches’ tempo is slow, which makes it less intriguing. In the game’s ancient legacy, test cricket is so far the most challenging genre. It’s tough to see bowlers getting impactful in test cricket for an extended period in a contemporary age of cricket games when limited-overs cricket has been thriving. On that note, here are the top five bowlers who can reach the fastest 100 wickets mark in any test match.

The top five bowlers to reach the fastest 100 wickets mark in the test matches

Charlie Turner

Charlie Turner has been hailed as one of the best bowlers of all time by contemporaries. He got batters even on the flat grounds. Now, he also caused a ball to slide, and the off-cutters travelled faster than the off-breaks.

Turner developed a rapid leg break & a yorker when he grew older. Then, he got 101 wickets at around 16.53 runs apiece in a total of 17 Test matches. And these matches were all against England. It happened over a span of ten years. The average narrowly edges out Peel’s 102 wickets. And it’s needless to state that he was hailed as a Terror.

Clarrie Grimmett

Grimmett was born on December 25, 1891, in Dunedin. He went on to play for Australia and became the first leg-spinner who employed the flipper to stun batters. After this, he was also noted for the successful collaboration with O’Reilly.  Grimmett aspired to become a fast bowler. However, after a span of time, he changed his decision and soon started to bowl leg-spinners. He then subsequently moved to Australia, where the player began playing club cricket in the land of Sydney.

Sydney Barnes

The next is from the past decade. He’s the enigma and phenomenon – Sydney Barnes. Barnes played around 27 tests & took 189 wickets at 16.83 on average. The stats and numbers are clear to regard him as one of the greatest bowlers of all time.

Sydney Barnes picked the 100th wicket in the 17 test matches. During his final test series in the year 1914 against South Africa, he took the record of 49 wickets & the second bowler in the history after Laker to get 17 wickets in one test match.

George Lohmann

Well, the next on this list is George Lohmann, who has the credible claim to becoming one of the prominent test bowlers based on the statistics. He bowled at a bit more than the medium pace but was incapable of making the ball seam both ways. His constant experiments resulted in changes in flight, angle, and velocity.

He had been regarded as one of the most challenging opponents. From the era of 1996 to 1896, Lohmann was a right-arm medium-fast bowler who used to play test cricket. His precision was incredibly outstanding. He bowled regularly and was the standout in slips and the capable batter.

Yasir Shah

Yasir Shah happens to be the Afghan cricketer, hailing from Swabi. It’s a city on the Afghan border. Yasir is a leg-spinner, but Shah can bat too. He admires Warne & aspires to be like this personality. Yasir got the joint second-fastest bowler to around 150 Test wickets in September (2017). It was during the first test against Sri Lanka. In around 27 tests, he acquired the milestone.

So, that’s it. Now you know the legendary top five bowlers who reached the fastest 100 wickets in the test matches. Hopefully, this post has shed light on the top bowlers in an intricate manner.


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